INCANTATION "Panpipes Of The Andes"

"Incantation" — группа из Великобритании. "Panpipes of the Andes" — это переиздание 2006 года альбома "On The Wing of A Condor", записанного в 1982 году. Исполнение не совсем традиционное, но...

"This album was a popular hit in the UK after the track Cacharpaya was released as a single and became a top ten single in the United Kingdom. The album went gold resulting in Incantation producing a number of panpipe albums for Coda Records which subsequently were licenced to Art of Landscape Limited when Coda was demerged from the Beggars Banquet Group of companies. This evocative and haunting cd captures the essence of what is expected from those who love the sound of the pan-pipes. Indeed the track record of this album - still selling strong after many years - it is a timeless classic worthy of almost any cd collection."

Panpipes of the Andes"PANPIPES OF THE ANDES" (1982)

On The Wing of A Condor (or variously known as Cacharpaya or Panpies of The Andes)

01. On the Wing of a Condor
02. Sonccuiman
03. Sikuriadas
04. High Flying Bird
05. Dolencias
06. Winds on the Mountain
07. Amores Hallarás
08. El Pajaro Madrugador
09. Papel de Plata
10. The Condor Dance
11. Cacharpaya
12. Friends of the Andes

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