La Danza de las Tijeras

"Танец Ножниц" бытует в перуанских департаментах Ayacucho, Apurímac, Vancavelica.

"The scissor dance is a spectacular manifestation of art and physical dexeriy.
However, for the native Andean communities of Peru, it serves also as a complex and mysterious ritual.
The main instrument accompanyng the dance is a pair of scissors, made up of two independent metal rods, each around 25 cm long.
The dancers, (danzaq), put their flexibility to the test with a series of gymnastic leaps in time to the strains of the harp and violin.
In colonial times, Clerics claimed these dancers had made a pact with the Devil because of the amazing feats they performed. These include, sword-swallowing, sticking pins through their facial skin and eating insects, toads and snakes."

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